• I actually installed these on mind unit power (no amplifier) and used 1. 2khz bass blockers (PAC BB-4PR) and they worked ALRIGHT for a couple of days, then one of them began to an awful racket. My spouse and i do listen loud but I'm conscious of cutting (and dislike it.. ) so just read was not being over driven.


    Upon removing and inspection - Now i am an electronics hobbyist and like taking broken things apart to learn why they failed - the cause of failure was that the capacitor that filters out low eq from the tiny tweeter was a dead brief, triggering full range audio tracks to the tweeter, reaching extreme temperatures the voice coil on it and delaminating it from its former. It was a manufacturing defect. They're cheap speakers... and before failure they sounded ALRIGHT but that's a quality control problem and I'd personally rather not have offer with it. Time for me to improve and spend bigger cash like I should have to begin with.


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